Day 3 Davos delivered a full-on programme for Team HKEX today, with engagements starting at 7 am and continuing through to midnight. It was also a particularly sunny and warm day… More Miami than Swiss Alps!

Chairman Laura Cha, James Fok and I started the day by attending an insightful breakfast hosted by HSBC with panelists drawn from across the public and private sector, talking all things climate, carbon, risk, pricing, collaboration and markets.

Chairman Cha then joined a panel discussion, “It takes 3 to Tango, A Chairperson, CEO and Owners Conversation, A New Narrative for Business as a Force for Good” where she shared HKEX’s journey to become a sustainable exchange and how it responds to the needs of its stakeholders and the wider community.

LME Chief Executive Matt Chamberlain also attended a “Mission Possible Aluminum” session, which explored rethinking the future of environmental sustainability in metals.

Other sessions attended by the team saw tech front and centre: Chief Executive Charles Li took part in an interactive roundtable on digital currency and another session on data privacy: I also attended an insightful Infosys panel on AI focused on talent, ethics, and governance and another on brand and purpose.

Media activities continued apace, with Charles Li meeting a group of mainland Chinese media to discuss opportunities for HKEX, Matt speaking to Reuters on new contract launch plans, and a number of background briefings and networking receptions with the international media.

Three days into Davos and the Forum’s focus is clear: we are now at a tipping point on climate change. Organisations should not wait for the permission of political consensus, they need to move forward. Stakeholder capitalism, wealth re-allocation, trade wars, and technology also pervade conversations.

We have a big day tomorrow for the home team: Laura Cha speaks on a major WEF panel on stakeholder capitalism in Asia, and its Hong Kong night!

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